Dealing with my arthritis patient.

I have a female patient with arthritis from Quezon City. She is seventy-five-years old and unmarried. She takes care of a professor from a well-known university in Manila. She usually takes long walks when she hears mass in Quiapo or when she fetches the daughters of the professor. PT home service arthritis patient

When we first met her complain was her knee joint suffers from pain whenever she takes a walk or climbs stairs. I referred her to an orthopedic doctor whom I know to provide an assessment and an accurate diagnosis. According to the doctor she suffers from a mild form of osteoarthritis and was advised to undergo treatment from a physical therapist aside from the pain medication that the doctor prescribed for her.

During our first session I applied  some physical modalities like warm compress, transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) at ultrasound to help condition her muscles for the exercise regime I designed for her. I was gentle in giving her stretching exercises, since she was having pains and was hesitant. First I explained to her the benefits of stretching. I shared stories with her and when she was more comfortable and more cooperative with me that was the time I began performing the stretching exercises and the other forms of exercises.

Up to this date, she is almost totally free from all pain. We performed the physical therapy at the comfort of their home. Whenever the patient became reluctant, I talked to her to win her trust in order to make her more comfortable and more cooperative.

My longevity in the service of treating patients with arthritis, I know how to handle the physical and emotional status of a patient.

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