Arthritis Rehabilitation

Arthritis Rehabilitation Service At Home

Arthritis is a condition which affects the joints and other body systems. This causes pain and deformities in some patients. There are two types of arthritis: inflammatory arthritis and non-Inflammatory arthritis.


Inflammatory arthritis is an arthritis caused by an auto-immune disease where the patient’s own immune system is the one that attacks the body including the internal organs. This is usually symmetrical in nature in which both sides of the body are affected. Example, whatever pain is experienced in the left hand, the same pain occurs in the right hand.

Non-inflammatory arthritis is a degenerative disease that usually affects the elderly. The pain here is localized and does not affect the other parts of the body.

Patients suffering from arthritis must have consultation with a specialist in order to properly classify the kind of arthritis he has. Once proper diagnosis takes place, the specialist will now prescribe proper medications and procedures in order to prevent the worsening of the condition. They are also supposed to undergo physical rehabilitation in order to restore muscle flexibility and to strengthen the muscles in the affected area.

We at REHAB EXPERTS are prepared to provide you the needed physical therapy that will aid your rehabilitation at the comfort of your own home. We have helped many patients recovered from arthritis from Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, San Juan, Taguig, Pasay and Manila. We bring equipment which we use similar to those found at rehab clinics.