Back Pain Rehabilitation

Back Pain Home Service Rehabilitation

Back pain is a condition which may be caused by a variety of diseases. It strikes at no particular age group or gender. There are two types of back pain: the upper back pain and the lower back pain. Upper back pain takes place from the head to the thoracic area. While lower back pain takes place from the lumbar area to the sacral and coccyx area.back pain

Back pain may be triggered by certain diseases like spondylosis, disc herniation, sciatica, myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis, muscle spasm, scoliosis and others. Poor posture is the primary risk factor for back pain. Wrong way of removing one’s clothes or picking up objects may lead to back pain.

In rehabilitating back pain, the first thing that one should do is to consult a specialist such as an orthopedic doctor to assess the cause of one’s back pain. The specialist will give a request for the patient to undergo medical procedures like x-ray and MRI. After the diagnosis, the specialist will now refer the patient to a physical therapist for rehabilitation. The physical therapist then will apply different physical modalities like TENS and ultrasound for pain management. The most important part of rehabilitation is the exercises like stretching and strengthening. These exercises will help correct the posture and reinforce the surrounding muscles where the back pain occurs in order to strengthen that part of the body.

We at REHAB EXPERTS have a long experience in providing physical therapy to patients suffering from back pain at the comfort of their home. Our service extends to Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati, Taguig, Pasay and Manila. We have a lot of patients who recovered from their back pain due to the quality treatments we gave. All  our physical therapists are duly licensed.