Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy Home Service

Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy Home Service

We provide a well-trained, licensed and highly qualified physical therapist or physiotherapist to examine, evaluate and treat individuals of all ages for their impairments, functional limitations and disabilities of patients in the comfort and convenience of their own home.


Home Service vs. Clinic Base

Many of us are busy with our daily occupation. Others are preoccupied serving their loved ones by managing their households. Because of our daily toil we have to endure stress, which over time, if left unattended, results in ailments and physical disabilities. There are also those who are victims of accidents, which damage and cause harm to their bodies. When a patient develops physical disabilities he or she needs to undergo physical rehabilitation.Home Physical Rehabilitation

What is the advantage of physical rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation is the most basic procedure aimed at giving remedy to one’s physical problems. It is a noninvasive procedure. This has no side effects and the treatment targets the origin of the ailment with the long-term goal of making the patient independent and capable once more of carrying out his or her daily tasks.

Which is better physical therapy conducted at clinics or hospitals physical therapy through home service?

A patient who undergoes physical therapy or physiotherapy at a clinic or hospital passes through the assessment of a rehab doctor before he or she is entrusted to the care of a licensed physical therapist. If the hospital has physical therapy interns, the patient is treated by the interns under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The rehab doctor prescribes a management, which is carried out by the physical therapist who handles the patient. At the clinic or the hospital, the one who applies the different modalities, which are used to treat the patient is either the physical therapist or the intern. This is the usual set-up of a physical rehabilitation clinic. If the physical therapist observes that the patient requires a particular management or treatment, he or she still needs to consult this to a rehab doctor and wait for the latter’s decision before anything can be done. Usually the rehab doctor becomes available just once a week and not on a daily basis, thus the patient has no other choice but to wait for him or her. A lot of time is wasted before the patient gets the treatment he or she needs because of this clinical setup.

Home service treatment is much more convenient, since the patient need not travel and wait in long queue while his or her papers or case is being processed by the rehab doctor. In a home service setup, the patient is free to choose the schedule most convenient for him or her. If the patient is busy with his or her work and he or she has little time to go to the clinic or hospital then, home service is the most suitable setup for him or her.

Physical therapy home service is an energy saving setup, since the patient will be able to allocate more time to his or her personal needs instead of spending time traveling and waiting in long queues. It is also a budget safer setup for the patient, since he or she need not travel, drive home tired from exercises, and transfer from car to wheelchair and vice versa especially for patients who are bedridden, who have compromised capacity to move.

This will also help the patient avoid any possible infection or disease which he or she might get from the clinic or hospital, especially patients who are prone to infection like those who just underwent tracheostomy, post-surgery or those with weak immune system.

The physical therapist will also be able to note any problem or hazardous objects or area at the place where the patient actually stays. Thus, the physical therapist will be able to design the most suitable program and set-up for the patient, unlike in a clinic or hospital where the patient stays only for a short periods of time.

In a home service setup, treatment is more hands-on and individualized. The family will also be educated as to what they are supposed to do with the patient. Cooperation of family members, household helpers, friends and most importantly the patient himself or herself to the treatment program is the true essence of physical rehabilitation, and not just by depending on their physical therapist, doctor or on any machine or modalities. The patient can enjoy the privacy and comfort of his or her home while performing the most suitable program for his or her fast recovery. The patient is also free to choose his or her own rehab doctor, unlike in a clinic or hospital where the patient depends on the doctor it provides.

Home service is also more beneficial for the patient, because the physical therapist can immediately assess the progress of the patient and come up with a program most appropriate for the patient’s need. He or she no longer has to wait and rely on the long process of assessment and program design, which take place in a clinic or hospital setting. Most important of all, home service setup is much cheaper, since it is the physical therapist who comes to the patient’s home and brings the necessary modalities for the patient. And the professional fee for home service is almost the same as the one for a clinic or hospital setup.  Sometimes the one charged by the clinic or hospital is even higher because of its procedures.

All of these points of contrast are based on years of competent and committed service by our licensed doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. The choice and decision still depends on the patient.

Rehab Experts exists in order to offer patients the true essence of physical rehabilitation. Rest assured that we will do our best for your fast and safe recovery at a much more reasonable cost.