Total Knee Replacement Patient

Home Physical Therapy For Total Knee Replacement

This is a case of one of our patients who underwent a total knee replacement. Her name is Mrs.Tinette Lucero, who is a businesswoman. At first she suffered from a meniscal tear and over time it worsened and developed into an arthritis in her right knee. She tried some pain management, like drinking medicines and undergoing rehab therapy. But the pain reached a severe level until she found it difficult to sleep. At this point, she decided to have a knee replacement. Her husband, who is a doctor, did not approve of the procedure, since he encountered a lot of patients, who suffered worse pain after the surgery, and who did not recover even after resorting to physical therapy. But she could no longer tolerate the pain. And she did not want to be dependent on pain relievers which could have adverse long-term side-effects on her body.Before undergoing surgery, she employed our physical therapy home services in order to prepare her for post-surgery rehab. At first, it was hard, but we made it a point to motivate her and she was very cooperative. Four weeks of rehab with us after her surgery, and she could walk well without any assistive devices. Her husband doctor could not believe it. He was expecting it would take six months before there would be a dramatic improvement in the gait of his wife. Her family and friends were very happy for her fast recovery. If you have a similar case, you may contact us so that we will be able to help you have a fast and safe recovery.

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