Las Piñas

Las Piñas PT Home Service


Las Piñas is a city found in the southern part of Metro Manila. It is adjecent to Cavite the first province in the south at the boundary of the National Capital Region (NCR). It is here where the national highway Cavitex begins connecting Metro Manila with the province of Cavite. The cities near Las Piñas are  Muntinlupa which is in the east and  Parañaque which is in the north. It is also close to Manila Bay, the reason why  Las Piñas abounds in sea foods.

Las Piñas is also famous for St. Joseph Parish which houses the only bamboo organ found in the country. It also used to house the factory of Sarao Motors, famous for manufacturing those colorful and reliable passenger jeepneys. It also became a major salt supplier of the entire Metro Manila. Las Piñas is also fast becoming commercial and business center of Metro Manila.

The common occupation of the residents of this city  are fisher folks, factory workers, office workers, construction workers. Because of the nature of work common in Las Piñas we have patients here who suffer from spinal cord injury and fracture incurred in a construction site and in the highway. We also have patients who suffer from arthritis, because they worked a long period of time at factories which require workers a repetitive use of their extremities that  caused the wear and tear of the cartilages of their bodies.

Even though Las Piñas is located at the tip of Metro Manila, we are privileged to provide some of its residents home service physical therapists. Our team of physical therapists or physiotherapists is always ready to provide individualized treatment and quality care to patients in Las Piñas and in the whole Metro Manila.